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Kong Core Strength Bone

At first glance the Kong Core Strength Bone looked promising as a durable chew toy. According to the Kong website it is marketed towards dogs who love to chew and is "built to last". We were very excited to try this new toy and see if it could hold up to our test. The Kong Core Strength Bone is made up of a hard plastic interior covered in soft blue rubber and a green plastic on the ends. Beware the name of this toy may be misleading in terms of it's durability. Within 10 minutes Bailey started to chew away at the green plastic on the ends of the bone. Within no time at all, she had chewed through to the harder plastic core of this toy. Although this toy is marketed as a long lasting chew toy, it unfortunately did not hold up to the test. At $15.99 CAD, this toy is a good option for moderate chewers or older puppies.

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